Monday, November 30, 2009

Small Victory

Tonight has been a good night. No nausea. At all. It's a miracle. Nausea has this funny way of knocking you out without you even realizing it. Tonight I made chicken noodle soup and sang my way through the Amy Grant Christmas CD (much to my husband's embarrassment). After a rather long rendition of "For Unto Us a Child Is Born" Chris pointed out the energy I was spending on that song had not been spent in total over the past three weeks. And he's right. I have had no energy. So, while I have no reason to believe the nausea won't return, I am choosing to celebrate this break. It's good to be reminded of what it feels like to feel good.

please enjoy this song. it sounds better than my version i put chris through :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thankful Thanksgiving

There is so much to be thankful for this year, as with every year. This year it just feels especially important to list some things I am thankful for.

1- The baby growing inside me. Not a day goes by that I don't feel overwhelmed by God's generosity with this blessing.

2-My husband who treats me like a princess everyday, even when I definitely don't deserve it. I could talk forever about my gratitude for him and it still wouldn't be adequate.

3- My health. Its something easy to take for granted, but I feel more in tune with the blessing it is with this pregnancy. I got pregnant easily. I rarely get sick. I spend minimal time visiting doctors. I have a fear of needles which in itself reveals how rarely I am in need of a needle to give me medicine or take my blood. I am grateful for my health.

4- My family and their health. They are far away now, which I hate, but they are still just a phone call away. I can talk to them, skype with them and facebook them whenever I feel compelled.

5- A car that works. Just a year ago we bought our new car. It has been heavenly to only deal with the car for filling it up with gas and getting the oil changed. I haven't missed our old, crappy Hyuandai once.

6- A place to live. Our apartment is little. After nearly three years living there it sometimes feels tiny, but it is our home. Our first home together. I am grateful for all the meals we've shared in the kitchen, the cuddles in our bedroom and movies & chats in the living room.

7- We have chosen not to have cable and I am grateful. But, I like three shows: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Brothers & Sisters. I'm glad I can still watch those for free :)

8- Having a job. I moan and groan about my job a lot, but really, it is a joy to work with children each day. I am also grateful that the pay cut we were supposed to get before Christmas is going to be held off until the new year.

9- The hope of being a stay at home mom next year. I am thankful for my job experience thus far, but the chance to be a mom as my job feels like my calling. I am so grateful for the chance and for my husband being so supportive.

There are so many, many more. Those are just the big ones.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Break.

It has arrived, ushered in with my first actual puke of pregnancy (tmi, i know). Despite it's start, I am welcoming it with open arms.
My main goal:sleep.

My second goal:
being lazy (and christmas-y!)

other goals:
make a scrumptious pumpkin pie
decorate our home for christmas (not until friday, don't worry)
see a couple movies (new moon, the blind side)
work a bit more on my crochet blanket

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

9 weeks.

Today I am 9 weeks. When I first found out I was pregnant I felt like time would move in slow motion. And while morning sickness makes certain moments feel like an eternity, overall it has flown by. I can't believe I will have known about our baby for 5 weeks tomorrow. It's amazing how quickly life can change. I know life only has more changes to bring our way, especially once our little one has actually been born, but changes are already evident.

Life has rapidly changed pace. We have spent the weekends since we found out sleeping amazing amounts. We do dramatically less than we used to. And I love it. Every minute. Chris has become an even more amazing care taker of me than he was before. He is always ready to get me ginger ale, crackers or a blanket. He doesn't get annoyed when at 3 on a Saturday afternoon I'm ready for my second nap of the day (after waking up at 9...). He smiles and kisses me goodnight when I consistently go to bed before 8 pm (the record is 6:45 last Thursday). The way he takes care of me tells me he is going to be a truly amazing father. The changes taking place are so very welcome and exciting.
The only change I'm ready to see pass is morning sickness. I really try not to complain because while its unpleasant it is oh-so-worth-it. I can't say I have had it horribly bad (no throwing up yet). It is generally mild, but lasts all day. I have had very little appetite and have trouble finding something that sounds appealing. And as far as the kitchen goes, I think I've cooked only two meals in last two weeks. Yikes! So, while I'm trying not to wish for my pregnancy to just fly by, I will not be sad when this phase is over.

The baby itself is making rapid changes. This week it is nearly an inch long and about the size of a grape. It's eyes are fully formed and are covered by eyelids that will be fused until week 27. This week the heart finishes dividing into four chambers (so i can hear it next week!!) and tiny little teeth start to form (seriously, this kills me). So amazing.

Monday, November 23, 2009

"Start spreading the news..."

Today I told my school about the baby. I had initially planned to wait until right before Christmas break, but opted for today instead. First, I haven't been feeling 100% and I wanted them to understand why I've maybe been grumpy and definitely been tired. Second, its hard to keep a secret! I was ready to be freed from the burden. And man, a weight has been lifted. I have had a major extra skip in my step today knowing that everyone knows and knowing I can be free to talk about my pregnancy.

Bonus: this quick, 20-second video. So amazing.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm back and better than ever!

First of our weekly pregnant pics. 4 weeks. Clearly no bump yet, but time will change that.

Apologies for my long absence. I have missed blogging, but have had lots on my mind that I was not yet ready to discuss in such a public forum. But, after an afternoon nap, I woke up feeling like the time had come. So...

I'm pregnant! We're going to be parents!

I couldn't be more excited, feel more grateful or be more amazed by the blessings God has given me. This pregnancy, and the little baby growing inside me, has nearly consumed my every thought since I found out about 4 and half weeks ago. It is truly a miracle.

Details to come (maybe more than you're interested in...) over the coming 7 months and beyond!