Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thankful Thanksgiving

There is so much to be thankful for this year, as with every year. This year it just feels especially important to list some things I am thankful for.

1- The baby growing inside me. Not a day goes by that I don't feel overwhelmed by God's generosity with this blessing.

2-My husband who treats me like a princess everyday, even when I definitely don't deserve it. I could talk forever about my gratitude for him and it still wouldn't be adequate.

3- My health. Its something easy to take for granted, but I feel more in tune with the blessing it is with this pregnancy. I got pregnant easily. I rarely get sick. I spend minimal time visiting doctors. I have a fear of needles which in itself reveals how rarely I am in need of a needle to give me medicine or take my blood. I am grateful for my health.

4- My family and their health. They are far away now, which I hate, but they are still just a phone call away. I can talk to them, skype with them and facebook them whenever I feel compelled.

5- A car that works. Just a year ago we bought our new car. It has been heavenly to only deal with the car for filling it up with gas and getting the oil changed. I haven't missed our old, crappy Hyuandai once.

6- A place to live. Our apartment is little. After nearly three years living there it sometimes feels tiny, but it is our home. Our first home together. I am grateful for all the meals we've shared in the kitchen, the cuddles in our bedroom and movies & chats in the living room.

7- We have chosen not to have cable and I am grateful. But, I like three shows: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Brothers & Sisters. I'm glad I can still watch those for free :)

8- Having a job. I moan and groan about my job a lot, but really, it is a joy to work with children each day. I am also grateful that the pay cut we were supposed to get before Christmas is going to be held off until the new year.

9- The hope of being a stay at home mom next year. I am thankful for my job experience thus far, but the chance to be a mom as my job feels like my calling. I am so grateful for the chance and for my husband being so supportive.

There are so many, many more. Those are just the big ones.

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