Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Children's prayers

My class this year is challenging. I love teaching and I love Kindergarten, but there have been many (many, many, many) days this year that I have not loved my job. Last week, though, during our morning devotional (did I mention it's a Christian school?) the kids became very interested in praying for my baby. Here are a few of the things they prayed for:

That the baby won't have a hole in her heart
That the baby won't be born without hands
That the baby won't be stuck upside down (or right side up, I suppose. This one knows about c-sections)
That the baby won't punch its way out, but will push gently (this one imagines birth more like the cracking of an egg. My belly being the egg)
That the baby will be born calmly and peacefully

While I can disagree with any of these prayers- I would like a whole-hearted, gentle baby with hands- where on earth did they come up with these things??


Marc Amos said...

"That the baby won't punch its way out..." Who ever that child is, I want to be friends with him or her.

David McAnulty said...


accidentally, kle said...

These kids are awesome :)

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