Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Disneyland at Night

Everyone knows Disney is the happiest place on Earth, right? But, goodness, they have a way of making it feel like it is all set up just for you. Like it's all this wonderful miracle you stumbled upon.

After an exhausting day of Disney in the blistering sun, we headed home to rest. We were hoping for naps, but Meredith had other plans. We had to content ourselves with showers, dinner and some downtime. Soon enough, though, we were piling back in the car headed back for fireworks and a night time stroll.

My expectations were low. I was mostly excited for the fireworks and hopefully some time to wander quietly with Chris while Meredith slept. Chris wanted to see the Mr. Lincoln animatron (snore) so I took Meredith outside to attempt bouncing her to sleep in the Ergo (oh, hi huge pregnant belly and sore bones).

I was obliviously bouncing her heavy body as I happened upon Mickey Mouse. And as I nearly peed myself with excitement over Mickey, Minnie Mouse walked out. She was obviously headed somewhere else so I just waved with a huge amount of enthusiasm, "Meredith it's MINNIE MOUSE!" expecting her to walk on by behind me. But, no. Next thing I know, Minnie's hands are on my shoulders and she's playing peek a boo with my sweet girl. She hides behind my back popping up several times and then she starts grabbing Meredith's pacifier in a game of keep away. I couldn't even believe it. Once she left, we met Mickey and got our picture taken.

Eventually Chris came out and I told him all about what he missed. As I was telling him, Minnie walked back by us and started playing with Meredith again. It was so sweet. My heart felt like it was bursting out of my chest. I was so excited for Meredith to get to play with one of her favorite characters. It really felt like the whole thing was orchestrated just for us.

 Once Minnie left us, we found a spot just before the fireworks started. The show, of course, was amazing with the lights and music perfectly coordinated. Once the fireworks were over, Meredith fell asleep. Chris and I enjoyed some time strolling around, trying a pineapple whip float and doing a bit of shopping. Soon we called it a night as our feet and hips couldn't quite take it another minute. It was a perfect day, especially the night. Isn't it great when you have low expectations and it turns out to be so spectacular?
Apologies for the really bad quality iphone pictures :)


Kristin W said...

What a fun story! Regardless of iPhone quality, these pictures are precious :) Chris' face is really priceless in the pic with Mere and Minnie!

jodi said...

That is the coolest! I bet Meredith will remember that time for the rest of her life. And I'm sure you will too. :)

Valerie said...

So absolutely precious!

Lauren said...

I love this! It sounds like fun! I'm not sure what Sean would think of Disney, but I can't wait till he gets to experience it. I'm not sure who will be more excited, me or the boys :)

Anna {dear friend} said...

Oh, this is the best!! I love how Meredith loves Minnie so much-- what a special memory to have for when she's older!!

colleen said...

low expectations are the secret to a happy life ;) meredith looks so adorable in her pjs, and i love the picture of chris with her on his back and just leg peeking out. sounds like a truly magical night.

Anonymous said...

Precious memories for sure!!

Rachael said...

inspired by this! It's sort of amazing that at such a young age, she already loved it, right? But after I read this post the other day, there was a picture of Mickey on Lux's diaper package and she started pointing and smiling at obviously they are doing something right.

Lately I've been thinking about when you visited me with my little baby, and Meredith was Lux's age! She seemed so far away, and so old from that. I felt like you had been a mom 4ever! crazy.

Imogene McAnulty said...

Claire, I love your blog and appreciate the wonderful photos and your delivery of your time is so neat and touching. Thank you for doing this. I look forward to my great grand son being on there also but he will have to be super wonderful to match his sister. What a ham and how adorable is she! Much love to each, Mom (grand and even great grand mother)

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