Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Because, after all, they are cute.

I haven't shared cute stories with you and really should. Today I have two fruit-themed stories. We have been studying our five senses and finally today we got to our sense of taste. We tasted one sweet, one salty, one bitter and one sour item. Our sour item was a lemon. I gave the children a small slice and told them they only had to lick it. After the children had some fun making silly sour faces, I checked to see if we were ready to move on to trying our sweet item. As I did so, I looked over to see the Dopey's lemon was gone.
"Where's your lemon?" I asked.
"I ate it!" he replied proudly.
"The whole thing?!"
"Yeah, it was good. My lips are burning, though."
I'm still in shock that he ate the lemon peel.

Just minutes before this, as I was cutting the lemons I was thanking the kids for being patient because it was taking a while for me to take out all the seeds. Smiley said, "Oh my gosh I swallowed a cherry pit once. It almost went down to my stomach and grew a cherry plant out of here" as she pointed to the top of her head. The kids, understandably started laughing. "No, guys" she interjected, "I almost DIED."

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Raine said...

Haha! like the kid who swallowed the watermelon seed - I was always scared of that one :D

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