Monday, October 5, 2009

Problem: Identified

This school year has been off to a somewhat rocky start. I have been very tired, fighting a cold and struggling with how to handle my 13 new students. This weekend and today at school I think I have identified my problem(s).

1- Like I've said before, 13 students is a heck-of-a-lot more than 9. That's enough to make a huge difference on my energy and motivation levels.

2- Potty Mouth and the Only Child spend the day making each other laugh. At inappropriate times. And by saying things that aren't funny. GAH! Calling someone eyeballs isn't funny. Neither is drinking your water in, only to spit it right out. Saying things like goo-goo, wee-wah really isn't funny because you are NO LONGER A NEWBORN. ok, enough. clearly those two are a big part of my problem :)

3- The Grown Up, as I mentioned in my Cast of Characters, is reading at at least a second grade level. So, obviously, all the alphabet review, work with rhyming and beginning sounds is more than a slight waste of her time. I am feeling a lot of stress to differentiate her work so that she is being challenged everyday. I've had advanced kids before but nothing like this.

4- Similarly, but opposite, Freckles doesn't even know her letters. So, I have to modify everything for her so she can learn her letters. Such a huge range in this class. Its a great challenge, but geeesh!

I'm glad to have finally figured out my major sources of stress are coming from. The next step is to solve this problem. My first goal in that direction is to simply focus on my children that are right on level and have made great strides in following directions, using inside voices and raising hands :)

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