Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dear Baby

To my little baby,
We like to call you Waby, which hopefully you already know because your ears have been busy developing. You already are our pride and joy. I can't even imagine the emotions we will feel when you are actually here in our arms. You are getting big (and so am I!). Starting last weekend your movements have started to shake my whole belly. You daddy and I lay in bed and watch you kick. We get such a kick (haha) out of seeing how active you are- especially at my bedtime. I never knew such a thing could happen, but it has and it's amazing. You move all around and I feel your kicks in different places. For about a week now, though, you feel very low. Sometimes when you kick, you must be near my bladder because I get a funny feeling that makes me need to be pee right away. Sometimes instead of kicking you tighten up into a little ball, or push back against my belly (i'm not sure which) and my stomach turns into a giant hamburger bun shape. It's crazy the way my body has changed, but I'm so grateful to know you are growing bigger and healthier.

I am in the last week of my second trimester. One season left until I meet you. It's hard to believe how soon you will be here and how much it feels like we have left to do. Last night I measured out your room to be sure we have room for a couch, dresser and crib. We do! I'm so excited to get working on your nursery. It overwhelms me a little bit, but I can't wait to have a little bed just for your little self. The world of baby stuff is crazy. I'm trying not to get to caught up in it. I know it won't matter to much to you- as long as you are fed and not too cold or hot I'm sure you'll be fine. It is fun to prepare, though.

We haven't picked out a name for you yet. I'm not sure that we'll decide for certain until we meet you. People don't always like that. They want to know your name, which I understand. I do too! It is just a hard decision and one your daddy and I need to make time to really discuss. I imagine you'll end up with a fairly feminine name because I picture you being that way. But does any mommy imagine her baby girl as a tomboy? Maybe. I hope your name fits you.

Well, Waby, I love you.
Until next time,


accidentally, kle said...

This was so adorable. Can't wait to see the little one! Keep well! x

The Whitakers said...

we didn't officially name, or tell, until he was born- stay strong:-) it's so special!

Carrie said...

Aw. :)

I am so very happy for you both!

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