Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the promise of guests.

For the first time in my little married life I have a second bedroom, which now has a couch that has a bed. And for the first time, I set it up because we have guests coming. The best kind of guests: my parents.

I'm so excited for them to get here. They haven't seen me since my belly was looking like I stuffed it with too much turkey and mashed potatoes. My mom and I are going to stroll through Babies R Us. I might even see if she wants to go shopping for a dress for my baby shower together. Then we'll all head down to Newport, RI for a marriage retreat. It should be a lovely weekend. One with familiar faces I miss seeing every week.

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accidentally, kle said...

How lovely to be able to welcome your parents to your home. I always love preparing the house for guests! :)

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