Thursday, March 22, 2012


For the ability to drink big gulps of water again, without getting nauceous. 

For the beautiful weather these last two days, that have beckoned me outside for long walks. Walks that have allowed to think and pray and cry and soak up the beauty around me.

That our guests this week were easy and comfortable. For the laughter shared between two little toddler girls. For the happiness Meredith found in having a playdate 24/7 for the last week.

For my husband and my daughter and the baby growing inside of me. That they are healthy and happy.

The last time I hugged her, it was the kind if hug you hug you give someone when you are in on their secret. The very best kind of secret. She was going to be a mom. And while it baffles my mind why she was denied that chance- to hold her baby here on earth- I know her final months were some of her happiest. For that I am forever thankful.


basebell6 said...

awh. still praying for her family and friends. i'll admit i got curious and had google fill me in on what happened. tragic. :(

colleen said...

such a poignant picture. I'm glad the week has been smooth for you, in light of this, and that you're feeling better.

Jodi Ann said...

What a sweet photo. I'm so glad you've had a restful week so far. And that you're feeling better.

Poetrycooker said...

Again, I am so sorry. . . I can't imagine what you are going through, but I did lose a friend to unspeakable tragedy, and I know that there are simply no words that can describe something like that. But you have represented your friends like in such an emotional and amazing way, that I am sure her soul is smiling! You are in my prayers, as is her family.

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