Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the first day.

Today was my first full day with both kiddos. I did a nearly full day last week, but today was a more accurate glimpse at our new normal. I was nervous, but I have to say, we had a really great day. I threw dinner in the crock pot. We went to the post office and library storytime. We all ate lunch. We all took a nap. We went to the park.

When Chris met us at the park after work, it felt so nice to still have some energy and sanity left. Meredith and Mattias took it easy on me today and for that I am grateful. And now Chris's mom comes tomorrow so I don't have a solo day again until next week. Feeling pretty spoiled!


jodi said...

Whohooo!! Way to go Mama :) You're amazing, what with all the adorable photos and making it through the day without going nuts. I can't wait to meet that little guy.

Adrienne said...

Look at him looking at you!! Glad you had a good normal!

colleen said...

damn girl! you look good! i'm also very happy to hear your day was manageable - i always imagine how much work one little baby is and then it dawned on me - oh my gosh, what if you have a toddler, too! so props to you for making it look easy - i know it's not, but you're handling it well.

Kristin W said...

You deserve mad props for this. I mean I work with 14 2/3 year olds and they get into EVERYTHING. I can't imagine trying to juggle a newborn + toddler. You're awesome. I hope that you guys fall into a routine and things get easier.

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