Thursday, October 11, 2012


I've decided that being a mother of two is like riding a roller coaster. I suppose being a mother of any number of children at any age feels that way. I've just noticed it more since having two. The good moments are so good. The bad moments are really overwhelming. But fortunately, it's all over before any permanent damage has been caused. This image has helped me as I've adjusted to having two children. Anytime I feel overwhelmed, I remind myself that this too shall pass, or that this is just a brief moment in the big scheme of things. It's helped.

I actually have to say that we've had pretty smooth sailing, all things considered, so far. Our adjustment to being a family of four is going well, in large part due to all the help we've received from family. Today, though, felt like a roller coaster. More lows than highs, but I made a conscious effort to capture some of the good moments in keeping with this post.



Anonymous said...


We had a great speaker at MOPS on Tuesday who actually came to talk about anger management, but gave us a whole lot more. I think during this season of life we just need to lower our expectations a little. It will help us to not feel so frustrated, because there will be those days when nothing is going right. And there's no need to feel guilty about not meeting whatever standards you think should be met. The biggest take-away was to take a deep breathe! Really?! It actually is something I'm doing a lot lately and it has made a huge difference in how I continue after those bad moments.

Sorry, that was my rambling...not sure if it even made sense, it's been a long day. Just take the *hug* if you want. :)

Angie All The Way said...

I like to tell myself that when there's a #2, I will at least have the "Mommy boot camp" already under my belt, knowing what it feels like to be a Mom already which I like to think has armed me with more patience starting out when the new baby comes than was there the first time. But you're right, it's a constant roller coaster of motherhood and the first few months with a new baby will most likely be the toughest, regardless of how many little ones there is in the family. I hope he/you are sleeping somewhat well. I know for me, that was the game breaker as to how "low" the lows can be.

You're doing a wonderful job :-)

David McAnulty said...

Joseph and his coat of many colors had nothing on this cutie and her leggins! Adorable! And soooo proud of you.

colleen said...

all of these pictures are so sweet - i'm glad it's going well so far. i can imagine it's hard but you seem like a wonderful mother!

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