Wednesday, January 9, 2013

lessons from potty training.

We started potty training yesterday. We had given it a try a couple months ago and none of us were really read.y. This time we seem to be having success! We are doing the three-day method which suggests staying home for three full days and basically making yourself your child's shadow. She suggests not doing laundry, keeping cooking simple and not cleaning too much. Your attention needs to fully on your child so you can catch cues and make constant reminders to use the potty.

The result of this (aside from Meredith learning to use the potty) is that I have been forced to change my daily focus. Most of the time, if we're spending the day at home, I run around the house cleaning and occasionally checking my phone while Meredith plays. These last two days, I have instead played right along with her. I've let the dishes pile up. I've let the toys lay scattered across every surface of the house. I've ignored my phone, except for brief moments when I'm nursing or she's napping. We've played with play-doh, read books, watched movies, colored, jumped on our bed and made cookies.

It's not easy for me to let the tidiness of my house go. When I see those little sayings like, Good moms have sticky floors and happy children (or whatever), I know it's true, but it's hard for me to internalize. These two days have really helped me though. We've had so much fun playing together and it's felt good to be a little more detached from social media. I needed the reminder that these two kiddos are my job each day and they deserve more of my full attention.


Becky Wood said...

Such a sweet lesson. Good luck with the potty training. We used the 3 day method too and it worked like a charm. Of course, I cried the first time she peed in the potty because I was sad she was growing up ;)

Kristin W said...

So sweet. I've never heard of this technique, but it sounds great for a stay-at-home mom. Hope it's still going great!

colleen said...

it seems like potty training would be so stressful and this makes it sound so much more enjoyable. you have to neglect chores to make it happen! i'm glad it's going well and making you appreciate being so present with your little ones.

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