Sunday, February 10, 2013

5 months.

 Mattias, five months Mattias, five months

Sweet Mattias,
How are you five months old? It's been nearly half a year since you entered the world and it truly seems impossible. How many times will I say that? Many, many more, I assure you.

But you are five months old and you are so loved. I worried when I was pregnant with you that you wouldn't get the same attention your sister did as a newborn. Of course it's different, but it has been better that I thought. Its your eyes. You suck me in. There are lots of moments throughout the day- while you're eating, as we're cuddling before bed, after a jog just me and you- when I could dash off to do something, but I look into your eyes and I just can't. I'm stopped in my tracks. Your eyes are so perfectly blue and full of love.

Mattias, five months Mattias, five months

At five months you continue to be remarkably easy going. You are mostly happy to just hang out on the floor and gum some toys, or your hands, if toys aren't available. You've also discovered what fun your little toesies are. Sometimes you do insist on being held, but once in my arms, you are cool as a cucumber. You let me chase after your sister, chat with my friends while just tagging along for the ride.

Mattias, five months Mattias, five months

Lately I have been wondering if you, my second baby, will also be my last. Because of that, and because I have the perspective of how truly short this stage is, I am cherishing this time with you. The nursing sessions, the rocking before naps, the grabbing of toes and chomping on fingers. The giggles, the sleepy smiles in the middle of the night, the softest thigh rolls. Another good part of having gone through this before is knowing it just keeps getting better.  So while part of me mourns that I seem to have blinked at the hospital and opened my eyes to a baby who holds up his head and stands in an exersaucer, I know the best is yet to come.

Mattias, five months Mattias, five months

I love every inch of you and know that you were handpicked for our family. You are perfect for us.

Happy five months, my little man.

Mattias, five months Mattias, five months


Clare {accidentally, kle} said...

I cannot get over how much he & Meredith look alike!!! x

Anna {dear friend} said...

Claire, I LOVE THIS.

The pictures, the words, everything.

Your mamma heart inspires me. I think you are amazing!

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