Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Snapshots from our day.

This was meant to be a photo an hour post, but of course my camera died in the late morning while we were out and then I kept forgetting to use in later in the day. Regardless, this gives a pretty good glimpse into a typical day for us lately. This summer, more than usual, I have enjoyed quiet days at home just me and the kids. We will venture out for a bit to the park or for a quick errand, but I try to limit those outings to once a day and if I have multiple things to do, combine it into one outing. At least for this season, I am learning that the less we do, the happier I am. I don't feel as frazzled rushing to get the kids out the door, I don't stress about car naps and losing any chance of some time to myself in the afternoon. Also, finally having a nap schedule for Mattias is great. For his morning nap, I make a concerted effort to spend some quality time with Meredith. This usually involves a puzzle, coloring, blocks or trains. It's amazing what a difference it makes to spend just a fifteen or twenty minutes of uninterrupted time with her. This day was special because we had a date night and went into San Francisco for a concert. Gosh, if I could see live music every night of my life, that would heaven.

As early rising baby means I always go straight to make coffee.

After some quiet time with just Mattias, Meredith rises always ready for breakfast and a show.

Saving seeds from my favorite tomatoes this season.

A little playing before nap time.

Quality time with my girl.

After naps we finish getting ready and head out to try a new park and get some groceries.

Meredith asks to get flowers every time we go to Trader Joe's. It's so fun watching her pick them out and I love the cheeriness of fresh flowers on our table.

Post-lunch playing before afternoon naps.

Sweet relief. This day I attempted a nap for myself, but thanks to our gardener couldn't fall asleep. It worked out for the best, though, because I got some iced coffee and a long conversation on the phone with my bestie.

Always slow to wake and often a little bit grumpy.

Snack time.

Squirrel cheeks!

If you can't find Meredith, she's most often in my closet picking out fancy shoes.

Heading to our Monday afternoon playgroup just around the corner.

After playgroup, we hurry home, make dinner and spend some fun time with dad.


Adrienne said...

I was, of course, adoring it all. Then the heels on the trike just slayed me!! HUGS!

Valerie said...

Oh, goodness. What fabulous pictures and insight into your day. I'm with Adrienne, though...the heels on the trike is killer.

David McAnulty said...

So great! As psychologist/father proud to hear you using two of the best principles for reducing negative behaviors... short, uninterrupted time with your child, and less-is-more approach to scheduling... love the pics!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Love how she's trying to wear high heels on her tricycle!

Rachael said...

I've just discovered the same thing---I'm so much calmer when I just keep us home before naps and simply hang out. I think it's the real advantage of not being on a "school" schedule too. I'm still bouncing between Lux and Joan but I *try* for solid attention on Lux here and there.
Great photos too!

colleen said...

meredith is SERIOUSLY a girl after my own heart. i am loving watching her grow up (yay for blogging!) also, mattias is looking a little blond, woot woot!

House of Milk said...

Such adorable littles. Your photography is simply beautiful. I keep wanting to do "a picture an hour" type post, but I lack the dedication/perseverance. Major props to a busy mama who makes it happen!

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