Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mattias!

Happy birthday, sweet boy!
A year old! It hardly seems possible and yet, you are seeming so big lately that it's not altogether impossible to believe.

The other day I was watching you play while we were at our playgroup. All the kids were inside and I was letting you play in the backyard as I watched from the doorway. You contentedly made your way around the yard, discovering toys and dirt piles, eventually settling yourself into the sand box. You scooped and dug and ran your hands through it. As I watched you, I was struck by how thankful I am for you. God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave you to us. You are the perfect fit.

When I reflect back on this year, that is what stands out to me the most. You were our missing piece. Life feels so full and so happy with you. More tight hugs around the neck, more smiles, more games of catch, more pat-pat-pats of crawling hands and feet.

Mattias, I am thankful to be your mommy and I cannot wait to watch you grow this next year. My prediction is that you'll continue to be easy going, but also keep us on our toes with your energy and physicality.

We love you.


Adrienne said...

Such a great montage! Pink headband and yogurt face made me giggle! Hugs to all of you today and Happy Birthday Mr. M!!

Alex said...

Happy birthday baby M! I hope he gets to play all the games!

Jodi Ann said...

Happy birthday sweet boy!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

What a sweet video, happy birthday Mattias!

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