Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'll be home for Christmas,
You can count on me.
Please have snow (yeah, right) and mistletoe (doubtful)
and presents under the tree (guaranteed. have you met my mom?).

It's funny how my sense of home has changed over time. I grew up right outside of Atlanta. That feels like home in some ways. I've now lived in Boston for 8 and half years and it feels like home. But nothing can compare to being with my family. My parents now live in a city I have never lived in and probably never will (sorry, mom). Despite this, I am bursting with excitement to board a plane to head there today. And even though Texas is kind of like a foreign country with its state pride, guns and cowboy hats, the second I walk through my parents' door it will feel like home. The puppies will greet me with kisses and wagging tails. The hundreds of Santas in my mom's collection with smile down at me from their shelves. I will sink into my daddy's hug and probably share a tearful smile with my mom. I will greet my brother and sister as if I have only just seen them because the familiarity never seems to fade. I will make myself comfortable, looking forward to a week of many times sitting on the couch figuring out what to do (that's our style), watching Christmas movies, opening presents in our PJs, enjoying a Christmas feast with hearts of palm as well as lots of laughs and loving teasing. I will crawl into my brother's bed (thanks joe!) and fall asleep tonight knowing I am home.

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