Saturday, June 26, 2010

the 26th

My mom and sister share a birthday today. Happy Birthday to you both!

I am so grateful for my mom and sister. My mom is my closest friend. We talk almost daily. She listens patiently. She offers advice. I am so excited for her to be here in 3 days to help me as I become a mom for the first time. She is the perfect example for me to follow.

I am also very grateful for my sister. She is very special to me. She is lots of fun. She not afraid to be herself. She is also not afraid to make her own path from time to time. We share a love of Harry Potter, Dave Matthews Band and beach days. Even from afar, I know she'll be a great aunt :)

So, again, Happy Birthday to two of my favorite ladies. Wondering if maybe there will be a third family member to share your birthday with :)

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