Monday, June 7, 2010

Dave Matthews Band!

Tonight the belly, the hubby and I are headed to Dave Matthews Band. This is (I think) my 12 or so time seeing them and the excitement never dwindles. They are such a fun band to see live. This is my first time seeing the whole band with Chris. We've only seen Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds together. So, I thought I'd pay tribute to my other concert buddies- my dad and my sister. My dad took me to my first concert when I was 8, I think, to see Neil Young. He also took my to my first, and several other, Dave Matthews concerts. I'm hoping for a Neil Young cover tonight, just to make me smile and think of my dad. The band's been doing Needle and the Damage Done so my fingers are crossed!
Farm Aid
September 2008

Lydia is my other Dave Matthews concert buddy. This is one of my favorite pictures of us. This was a crazy night. We fended off drunk, middle-aged super creeps at the show and later celebrated Lydia's 21st birthday in style (with more middle-aged super creeps, come to think of it) on Newbury St.
June 2008

So, with much excitement and anticipation, I'm off to see Dave Matthews perform his magic hoping to hear, more than anything else, Why I Am, off his newest album. With a tiny bit of sadness I'm wishing my original concert buddies were here to share in the fun.

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David McAnulty said...

I'm wishing I was there too! Lyd and I have tkts for the Dallas show (if I don't get replaced by the BF. Hope the show is great.

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