Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy 21st!

This here boy (or I guess I should say, MAN) is one of my absolute favorite people on earth- my brother Joe. Today he turns 21! I am so excited for this big milestone for him. I am also so excited he will be here, with me, in 5 short days.

He is the best brother a girl could ask for. He makes me laugh. He is incredibly thoughtful. He is amazingly creative and artistically talented. He is confident in who he is, even when that is maybe a little different than his peers.

He loves his family passionately and is fiercely loyal. I dream of living down the street from him and his beautiful wife and gorgeous children (the latter two of which don't quite exist yet) because that would make my wonderful life even more complete.

So, Happy 21st Birthday, Joe! Rain check on birthday drinks :)


Chris said...

Joe is the man!

Anonymous said...

just saw this! i love you claire. can't even express how excited i am to see you tuesday!

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