Sunday, July 15, 2012

If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.

I saw this image on Pinterest earlier in the weekend and decided I would like it to be my motto as I anticipate the birth of our second baby and as I negotiate the choppy waters of being a new mom to two.

It's easy to let the short, but stressful moments overtake what is an otherwise perfectly wonderful day. Meredith is in this incredibly fun stage. She is learning new words daily and consistently blows my mind with the things she understands.  And yet, of course, there are moments when she pitches fits, or only wants to watch TV, or wakes up at 6 am and I struggle to keep perspective on how brief or insignificant these moments really are. This quote reminds me to take note of the good. And really that's not hard because there is so much good.

I especially want to do this when the new baby is here. I feel like we've hit this incredibly smooth stride as a family of three and I am slightly terrified about how hugely it will be shifted as we transition to being four. I am excited, of course, but nervous, too. Knowing myself, I will have difficulty finding peace when the laundry piles up, or I need to ask Chris to pick up a pizza on the way home, or when the baby is screaming and Meredith simultaneously needs my attention. I will have a hard time feeling like a good mom if we sit on the couch and watch TV all day, or if we don't eat many vegetables in a given week, or if the dishes are piling up in the sink and floors are smattered with crumbs and gooey stuff.

So my hope is to find the good moments.The moments when I am happy and when I have the perspective I need- that what I am doing is enough.

I thought I'd share some moments from the past week when I thought, or murmured, or exclaimed, "If this isn't nice, I don't know what is."

Sitting on a bench, leaning into Chris, watching Meredith run circles around a fountain

Finishing a breakfast of french toast with Chris and Meredith as we sat outside on a completely quiet sidewalk in our town's little downtown. Meredith was eating contentedly allowing me and Chris to drink our coffee in peace

Laying in bed with Chris and Meredith after having returned home from breakfast. Meredith was happy with Mickey Mouse on my phone, Chris was dozing and I was enjoying my book. It was so perfectly lazy and peaceful.

Sitting and chatting in a newly discovered baby pool that Meredith just adores. She transforms into this daring, splashing, crazy little fish.

Laying in bed at night feeling my belly jiggle wildly with the movements of our little boy.

Taking family bike rides and walks nightly after dinner. These moments have been giving my so much happiness- time to connect with Chris and also the chance to exercise my ever-growing body.

Peach and blueberry crisp.

Caprese salad. 

Naps. Almost everyday.


Anna {dear friend} said...

Beautiful post, Claire! Yes-- you have a wonderful little life with your family and you are a GREAT mom and I'm glad you're taking the time to soak in these moments and enjoy these last few weeks as a family of three together.

You are also going to rock it as a family of four!!

I actually saw this image on Pinterest, too and I instantly LOVED it. I feel like that is my motto for life. :) I even researched it a bit further and found the print on Etsy (I wanted to hang it in our bedroom), but I found that it was sold out! Hoping they list it again soon, because it really is a treasure!

jodi said...

Claire, this was perfect. I definitely needed to read this today. After such a rough day, it's always good to be reminded that these moments are short in comparison. And friend, I agree with Anna, you guys are totally going to rock the family of four.

colleen said...

i need to remember this on days that aren't the best at work. such a good mantra to put it in perspective.

CoastieWifey said...

So well written. It is so easy to take the happy moments for granted (especially when there's a baby meltdown going on). I think you are amazing and wonderful and beautiful and I know you are going to do great things as a family of four. Enjoy your last few weeks as a family of three soaking up all the happy moments, because that happiness will only be multiplying soon.

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