Friday, June 14, 2013

9 months.

Nine months in. Nine months out.

Every month I say it doesn't seem possible. Time moves too quickly. And yet, this month it almost seems right. You don't feel like a newcomer to our family anymore. You have your place among us. You are beginning to share your personality with us. I don't know. It's just not feeling so shocking that you aren't still tiny.

This month has been fun. You've really started to crawl this month. You chase your sister around and get into whatever she's doing. You also pull yourself up. You love standing in your crib, in our big front window or outside at the water table. You've also started to be more interested in solids. You poor thing, I'm sure your diet isn't as well-rounded as your sister's was at this point, but you don't seem to mind. You'd be thrilled to live off mama's milk and cheerios.

This month I have really started to see some differences between you and your sister. Of course I have seen them from the start, but this month I just keep thinking to myself, He's such a boy! I feel bad saying that (gender stereotypes and all) but seriously! You grab and pull and bite and jump! jump! jump! You cry to be picked up and immediately launch yourself out of my arms. Physical. So physical.

Mostly, though, you are my happy guy. Happy to sit in the middle of a pile of toys. Happy to eat handfuls of dirt and grass. Happy to cruise in the stroller or doze in the car. Happy to go to new people and happy to return to mama. Happiest when you see your daddy and sister first thing in the morning.

Happy nine months, sweet boy!

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Happy 9 months!!

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