Monday, June 17, 2013


Meredith finished her first year of preschool last Monday. It was such a great first school experience. It was just one day a week and it was a perfect amount of time for her to socialize and for me to get errands done with just one kiddo.

I am so proud of her. I remember feeling so nervous back in August when school started. I was sure she would completely meltdown being left in a new place with new people. That's actually why I signed her up. I wanted her to learn to be a little more independent of me, to push her out of her comfort zone a tiny bit. Of course, she proved me wrong by being completely unfazed by being left. She's loved school, her friends and her teachers. She's learned new songs, new animals and fallen in love with bicycles and scooters.

Comparing her first day and last day pictures is quite shocking. I guess there will never be a time when, in the moment, I look at her and think, "She's so grown up. There's no more baby left in her," only to realize, months later, there really was some baby left in her. I can't believe how much she grew up this year. And I can only imagine I will be saying that every year from here on out.

Her last day
June 10, 2012

Her First Day
August 27, 2012


Kristin W said...

That's probably the most fun thing for me teaching preschool...seeing the changes. Look how much she's grown up! And that's just the pictures...not even the new words, phrases, and ideas she's learned. So sweet!

basebell6 said...

Sooooo sweet! All grown up! What a little lady!

David McAnulty said...

Wow! so much change in one short year! Cute all the way.

Anonymous said...

My granny still tells my dad to make sure to wear a coat when it's cold out. :p They'll always be our babies! :) Yay for completing the first year of preschool!

Anna {dear friend} said...


I can't believe the change in a year! How pretty she is!

(and I still ADORE that side shot of her from August. love her!)

Imogene McAnulty said...

Dear Claire, our precious #1 grand child,

I love the photos and comments about our little Claire, Meredith, to you and all the normal relatives. She is wonderful. I actually let her Birthday slip my mind although I am sure I was the one that mailed her gift from her grandmother and grand dad,(Pepe). You never told me that you received it but I am sure that you did! I loved your Beaktweek. Mom and Papa ( we love you each).

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