Thursday, September 19, 2013


Earlier this week I realized I had been neglecting my tomato plants. As I waded through the thick leaves of my out of control plants, there were lots of tomatoes on the verge of overripening. The next day I decided I'd try my hand at salsa. I used this recipe and it was surprisingly easy. I'd say the hardest part was just chopping everything up! I love how it turned out. Very tasty with the perfect amount of kick. I edited the recipe by only using two and half green peppers and three jalapenos. I also didn't use as many of the seeds as she suggested.  Let me know if you try it making it.

I never thought I'd be into canning. I'm not sure canning two things (jam and now, salsa) makes me "into canning," but I do think I'll be doing it more. It feels so satisfying to open up a jar of something, knowing what exactly went into it and that it was made with your own hands. The process is intimidating and can feel a little frazzling right at the end, but honestly, it's not has hard as it sounds. And the worst that can happen it that you expose your family members botulism. No biggie.


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Look at you domestic goddess - bravo!

humphrezio said...

Wow, I didn't know you canned salsa! I'm ever so slightly jealous your tomatoes totally kicked my plants' butts, but not really-I'm really just stoked that you had such good success and get to keep some summer salsa for a rainy day! yum.

colleen said...

lol - no biggie indeed! look at those perfectly peeled tomatoes - nicely done!

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