Monday, September 23, 2013


People are always telling us that they can't believe how much we do. How many adventures we've had since living here in California. It always surprises me because it doesn't feel that out of the ordinary to me.

For starters, when Chris is home and providing parental backup, I think it's more fun and often more manageable to be out of the house. Everyone is happier and occupied without TV and boredom snacks. Chris is the opposite of a homebody so over the course of our relationship, I've gotten used to being out and about with him.

Mostly I think it takes a willingness to be spontaneous. The vast majority of our fun outings happen when we're leaving church and trying to think of what to do or once we're already in the car and need to pick a destination. What I love about kids is that it doesn't take much to make them happy.  This Sunday, all we needed was the beach toys and blanket I always keep in the trunk, a few snacks and little brother's extra onesie. With those things, and the perfect beach spot, we had the most relaxing afternoon. The beach is my happy place. Isn't it everyone's? I love the mountains, too, but I think with little kids the beach is the best. I'm not sure I've ever seen Meredith as happy as she was this Sunday- chasing waves, gathering rocks, rolling in the sand and even eating it in imitation of Mattias.

Seeing my kids happy. Watching the tightness in Chris's shoulders lighten. Sitting in front of a huge ocean with powerful, crashing waves. The sight of the Golden Gate Bridge. It gave me peace and perspective. Getting out of the house can be stressful as can be long car drives, but being out in nature, soaking up God's creation, with the ones I love most, truly can't be beat.


Neither can the post-beach exhaustion:


MarDee said...

What a wonderful Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree about the being more fun/manageable to be out of the house. I try to go on little outing with the kids during the week, but it is so much easier and more fun to go on "bigger" adventures as a family of four (with four adult hands!). These pictures/this beach look so pretty -- such a nice way to spend a few hours.

humphrezio said...

So true! You guys seriously book it after church, but I get it. It does help to be out of the house. Matt and I just talked about wanting to do that more while we had a flash of perspective (out in nature) on our trip. I love that your spontaneous outing led to such a beautiful day by the bay.

basebell6 said...

Gorgeous pics!

colleen said...

the beach is definitely my happy place as well! (and, this is the first time i've visited since the bird has made his comeback. woo hoo!)

Rachael said...

Great post! I love imagining you guys picking a location after getting everyone buckled up.

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