Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My first post about vacation (finally!). One of my favorite parts of our vacation was Menemsha. Menemsha is on the west point of Martha's Vineyard and has gorgeous views of the sunset. We enjoyed two sunsets from there on our trip.

The first trip was a bit rushed and we barely managed to find parking, rush to the beach and still catch a glimpse of the sunset. We also barely escaped from a parking ticket (thank you kind parking lady who only gave us a warning). Despite our frantic arrival, we were able to peacefully enjoy the sunset. Each night, as the sun goes below the horizon, the crowd claps and I overheard one man say, "Well, we won't get that day back." And while that sounds a bit depressing, its also a good reminder to live each day fully.
Wine in our Dunkin' Donuts cups... Classy!
Our second night was much more enjoyable :) We got there around 5:30 nearly 3 hours before sunset time. We went to this tiny little shack that has delicious fried seafood (and fried zucchini!) and had a picnic on the beach. We spent time reading and enjoying a bottle of wine. The sunset that night was heavenly.

ahhh...Goodbye, wonderful day!

If you ever get the chance to see a Menemsha sunset, I highly recommend it.


Raine said...

Thats beautiful! Next time I am out there I will definately check it out.

Carrie said...

Those sunset pictures are stunning! :)

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