Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heaven on Earth

My other favorite part of our trip, in close competition with the glorious sunsets, was Back Door Donuts. One night Chris and I were out for dinner at Nancy's (delicious baked stuffed shrimp) and decided against dessert there because our bellies were full. We are of the belief that one must walk approximately 1-2 blocks to "work off dinner" so that we can more gleefully enjoy dessert. Once we announced this decision to our waiter he happily suggested Back Door Donuts. He told us "to smell our way there." Now, if you know me, you know I have a very poor sense of smell and constantly stuffed up nose so telling me the world's best donuts reside on the island, but I have to smell my way there is cruel. Fortunately he cooperated and gave us some directions, BUT lo and behold we could have smelled out way there!! It was amazing. The little back door in the a darkened corner of a parking lots, but the smell and lengthly line indicated that yumminess lay ahead.

In line!
Awaiting yumminess!

I cleverly kept my eyes on what other, more experienced people were ordered. It seemed the apple fritter was popular and I also observed that the baker-lady was nearly burning her hands on the freshly baked chocolate glazed donuts. So, when we arrived at the door I ordered those two things. And all I can say is that both of those baked goods were heaven on earth. Quite possibly the most delicious things I have ever eaten. The donut was perfectly warm and squishly, not at all dry or bready like some other places' donuts. The apple fritter was the size of my head and delectably cinnamony and sweet.

Apple Fritter. This picture doesn't even do it justice.

This joint was so stinkin' good that we went back two more times (!!). We certainly ate well (and unhealthily) on this vacation of yummy goodness.
Our second trip, with friends. The girl on the right was eating her first EVER donut!

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Ebony Haywood said...

omigosh! i can't imagine going that long w/o trying a donut! now i seriously want to go buy doughnut, like right now.

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