Monday, January 11, 2010


Ever heard of The Roches? The are a rocking set of sisters with beautiful melodies. To hear one of their songs head here. But, that's not really the point. They have a song called Disappointed. That's how I'm feeling right now.

If I think I'm gonna have a chocolate sundae
but it's Sunday
And when I get to the door of the ice cream store
it says closed
Sitting down on the sidewalk
I feel like I'm gonna cry
You can call me silly but I don't think I am
and here's why

I'm disappointed disappointed
I didn't get what I wanted
I might get over it someday
but for now I think I'll stay
Disappointed that's all

Shelly's coming over for a playdate and I can't wait
But just before the doorbell rings
the telephone does and it brings
the bad news
Shelly's mom says she's not coming
she's come down with the flu
We were gonna have some fun but now there's
nothing to do

I'm disappointed
I didn't get what I wanted
I might get over it someday
but for now I think I'll stay
Disappointed that's all

Woke up yesterday and it was snowing
I won't be going
I lay in bed and realized I was a little bit surprised
it felt good
Because the place that I was going
wasn't circus it was school
Instead of being angry I was happy I was cool

Not disappointed
This time I got what I wanted
I didn't know it at first
then I jumped up with a burst
Not disappointed that's all

I feel like the kid in the story who didn't get the chocolate ice cream cone. Chris and I didn't get the apartment we wanted. We are moving into a two bedroom so we have space for our baby. There are some rough apartments out there. This one was so nice and clean and bright and spacious. I can't believe we didn't get it and it's hard, right now, to trust we'll find a better place. And instead of hunting for new places I want to sit here a mope. But that's not helpful.

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kakesler said...

Moping can be good sometimes though! Things like this can bring perspective too. I've been on the job hunt lately (since we're trying to move) and have had so many hopefuls only to be let down. Whenever I get a letdown, I just have to take the night to mope...maybe go get some Mexican food and a margarita. But alas, I get right back at it the next day. My point being that I can totally relate to how you probably feel. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that there could be anything better that the job (or apartment) I wanted and didn't get. I like to think that I would have never known how that job would have played out and whatever job I do get will be where I am supposed to be.

Good luck! It'll all work out :)

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