Sunday, January 17, 2010


Weekends are a funny thing. Some days feel like an eternity and some feel like they pass in the blink of an eye. Some weekend days are filled with productivity, while others see the hours pass from a cozy spot in your bed.

Yesterday I packed up my shoes, my bags, half of my bathroom closet, the entire hall closet, a few cookbooks & kitchen linens. We also tackled the basement which was so overwhelming I lasted a short 5 minutes until Chris sent me upstairs to have my meltdown elsewhere :) It was an incredibly productive day in getting ready for our move to a bigger apartment in two weeks.

But today? I would say my biggest accomplishment was eating two meals and preparing the third now. I also took a nap, surfed the internet and read some of Anne of Green Gables. An entirely different day than yesterday. Honestly, though, today was just as satisfying as yesterday and I think that is the beauty of weekends.

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