Friday, November 18, 2011

Embroidered Hands: An easy DIY

A few weeks ago I saw this image on Pinterest and knew I had to make it. Last night I did. I have to say, it was really easy and I've never done any needlework like this before. It took me about two hours. I did it while I watched Private Practice (does anyone still watch it? I haven't all season. Gosh, it's just so dramatic). Anyway. I highly recommend this craft for anyone to try! I'm hoping to do one every year to document the growth of our family.

Embroidery hoop
Embroidery needle
Embroidery fabric (bought a small roll of it at Michael's. maybe you can use other kinds of fabric?)
Embroidery floss (one color per hand you'll stitch)
Acrylic craft Paint

1. Place fabric into embroidery hoop, making sure it's nice and tight.
2. If you aren't doing a wiggly baby, you can skip to step 4. A baby (at least mine) won't sit still long enough to trace her hand so this was my solution. Paint baby's hand. Do it nice and thick. Place baby's hand on white paper to make a print. I made several prints with the first coat of paint until I got a print that I could work with.

3. Cut out handprint once dry.

4. Trace hand (or handprint) onto fabric.

5. Thread needle.

6. Begin stitching. I used this tutorial and used the backstitch. It was very simple and quick.

7. Stitch all around the hand until complete
8. Trace next hand, switch colors in your needle and stitch through completion.

9. Repeat these steps for all hands.

10. Make ready for display. You could leave it in the hoop or transfer it to a frame. I haven't decided what I'm doing yet. I will probably leave it in the hoop and make it part of a gallery wall I'm working on. Oh, and I still need to add the year. I will likely just add it in sharpie.

Please let me know if you try it! I had so much fun making it!

PS. apologies if I used the wrong terminology for this stuff :)


Perrin said...

This is awesome! I have never seen that before and now I really want to try it! It seems like such a nice, simple way to freeze a moment in time.

Courtney said...

You make it look very easy! Dang…pinning it!

Jodi Ann said...

that is the coolest diy :) I love the tiny hand :)

Kristin {Sea Cow Circus} said...

Love this - and as a crafter who is in to cross-stitch, I think you have the terminology down :) I am a Private Practice fan and have that 2-hour show DVR'd ... maybe I'll have to reserve this craft for watching it!

Valerie said...

Oh, I love this. I've seen it on Pinterest too and thought it would be so fun to do some day.

You could use any fabric (I'd recommend cotton or linen). Lighter colors will be easier to trace onto, but you can use a white colored pencil or Sewline Fabric Pencil, which comes in many colors. If you wanted to document Meredith growing up, though, you could choose fabric related to an interest she has at the time... Just at thought...

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