Friday, November 4, 2011

scenes from a move.

below are some pictures of our house & move in various states of disarray. today was the first day i woke up feeling like the house isn't a complete stress bomb. yesterday i got all the boxes in the living room, dining area & kitchen opened so our main living area is feeling very happy. it isn't decorated or perfectly put together, but it is liveable. the other rooms are coming along nicely, too. it has felt like such a big accomplishment getting so much unpacked with a toddler. i am happy, relieved and tired :)

happy weekend!

love our living room.
living room arrangement before adding extras :)
pretty kitchen countertops.
i have a dishwasher!!!!!!
huge window for light and  people watching :)
view from window above our bed.
fun time with dad.
peek a boo with a placemat.

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Jodi Ann said...

Your home looks so beautiful! I'm glad things are going so well!

Anna {dear freind} said...

looks nice!! Can't wait to see more pics as you put the place together! Where is that rug from in the living room? I like it!

lydia. said...

such a pretty home!

haha, i love the picture of baby and dad! so cute.

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