Sunday, November 20, 2011

Random thoughts for a sunday.

1. I love my home. It's really, really coming together. After lots of hard work this weekend, it really feels like home.

2. My family is coming in town this week. Have I told you that? My brother arrives in the morning and the rest get here Wednesday. Chris and I are so excited to have people to show off our new neighborhood. I hope they love it like we do. I think they will.

3. Did you know Thanksgiving is on Thursday?? Gosh, I've been running around like a mad woman getting ready for it without really thinking about what it is. The food, the family time and the chance to take a break from normal routine. I'm really so happy.

4. Meredith is almost 17 months. This is stage is the most exciting and the most exhausting yet. I have never felt more relieved to see bedtime o'clock strike on the clock. She's into everything, testing boundaries and discovering new things every minute of everyday.

5. Did you watch the AMAs tonight? They make me feel old. Like, who are these babies singing songs? And how does half this stuff even count as music? Kids these days. Nicki Minaj's outfit made me want to throw up (I had to google her name).

6. I have been so busy trying to get this house in order that I'm not sure it's sunk in that I live on the other side of the country now and am far, far away from my friends. I'm thinking it might strike after Thanksgiving. I'll keep you posted.

7. I go to Target everyday now.

8. I have a bright blue dining room table now.

9. Everywhere I drive I can see mountains and palm trees. Chris keeps calling it Paradise and I have to say, I agree. We met some people today that said the weather was as bad as it gets. It was 50 and rainy. I can live with that.

10. Since moving we've been having nightly family dance parties. Meredith can seriously get down. I love it. We like to jam to I Gotta FeelingParty Rock Anthem and Moves Like Jagger. Any songs we should add?

11. I have made some of these foods in the last couple of weeks. I would recommend them all, especially if you are in need of some comfort food, which apparently we have been.

Tamale Pie
BBQ Chicken
Buffalo Chicken
Oreo Brownies (doooo it!) (i didn't add the chocolate syrup or ice cream. just batter & oreos)
Mellow Mushroom buffalo chicken copycat

12. I kind of (really) want a hot pink Christmas tree this year.

13. I kind of (really) want to see The Descendents.


al said...

So glad that ya'lls home is coming together. please share pictures when it's complete!

If I went to target everyday, I would be brooooke.

I really want a hot pink tree too! I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to talk my roommates into that one.

colleen said...

number 7 makes me the most jealous person in the world.

Jodi Ann said...

YAY!!! That's so exciting that your family will be coming for Thanksgiving! I love your dining room table and I also really want a pink christmas tree. :)

basebell6 said...

7 might make colleen jealous but 9 makes me! i might have told you this before but i havnet seen mountains since march 2010 and i'm a huge mountain lover.

it will be so fun having your family in! enjoy!

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

i vote for the hot pink tree!

Bestie said...

totally want to see the descendents.

with you on #7 and the are putting a new target in just a few shorts blocks from my house...god help me :)

happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Lux is not dancing, but I definitely am.

Dynamite-Taio Cruz
American Boy-Kayne West
Ten-Twenty-Ten -Generationals

are you using Spotify? Easy way to hear new songs.

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