Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It's the time of year to stop for a minute and think about gratitude. I have so much to be thankful for. Here's a little list of a few. 

our new house
skype/facebook/texts/phonecalls for keeping in touch
the way meredith says, "hi mama"
how meredith says "baaa" and "mooo" for sheep and cow sounds
getting to see the world through a toddler's eyes
being on the most excellent adventure with my two favorite people in the world
evenings spent on the couch talking with (or just being next to) my husband
new dishes
new sheets
being near so many beautiful new places for us to explore like lake tahoe and yosemite
the promise of visitors in our new home
my mama and talking to her on the phone everyday
a job for my husband that is stable and makes him happy
kisses from my baby girl
the convenience of our new neighborhood
having already met three mamas who i can befriend
my new running shoes
the fact that meredith got to meet her great-great grandfather before he passed away
getting to spend thanksgiving with my family

How about you? What are you most thankful for this year?

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basebell6 said...

yosemite caught my eye because my husband went there without me two weeks ago. :(

i'm thankfull hubby is on his way home right now!! [he's been to 6 states in three weeks; that's enough to make me go bonkers! i'd deal with it better if i didnt get emails full of beautiful pics of yosemite / sequoia / death valley / upstate NY / nashville/ you name it].

Claire {Beaktweets} said...

you & blaine can come stay with us and we'll hike some local mountains :)

Anna {dear friend} said...

so happy you're loving it out there. it sounds amazing and i hope to take a trip out there at some point in my life! i need to see those big beautiful trees!

i'm thankful for being happy. it's a gift and i'll savor it.

happy thanksgiving, claire!!

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