Monday, January 16, 2012

Santa Cruz

Yesterday we set off for Santa Cruz with our friends. It was a beautiful sunshine-y day and we were excited for a drive through the mountains that would end at the beach. The day didn't disappoint as we enjoyed sand, sun, saltwater and strolling through the downtown.


Anna {dear friend} said...

Claire, I think I need to visit.

I'm serious.

This NEEDS to happen.


Jodi Ann said...

beautiful! Ahh that beach looks so fun!

Alexandria said...

Sand in little baby toes looks oh-so sweet :) And your hair is so long girl! Beautiful.

Claire {Beaktweets} said...

alex, thanks!
jodi, you guys have to make a trip of it. the boys would love it!!

colleen said...

those little feet covered in sand look so cute.

also - whatever you are doing with your hair, keep doing it. your hair always looks great but lately it's like sparkly and shiny and beyond thick. it's like a pantene commercial up in this joint. every. single. post.

Anonymous said...
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