Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My hopes for 2012

It's funny that when I asked my blogging friends to help with guest posts on New Year's resolutions, I hadn't thought about my own at all. After reading through them all, my mind started ticking away at what I'm hoping for the next year.

I started by going through last year's resolutions and honestly? I think I did pretty good. My goals were pretty simple: read, run, stress less, focus on the positive and get dressed up more. When I think back to January, I really have made a lot of progress. Less PJs, more stories tucked into the folds of my brain and a little less tightly wound. But I didn't ever do a fishtail braid! Drat!

Much like last year, I'm going to keep it simple. Lots of the goals will be the same.

I want to keep running. I'm working through Couch to 5K and for the first time since before I was pregnant with Meredith, I think I can stick with it.

I want to keep reading. Reading just makes me happy.

I'd like to purge my closet and really work on only keeping and buying items that I really like (not just things that are on sale and, therefore, cute-ish).

I'd like to keep exploring our new area by visiting Lake Tahoe and/or Yosemite. I'd also love to visit wine country and Big Sur. I'm looking forward to some West Coast camping.

I hope to give more attention to my marriage. Raising a toddler plus the fatigue that settles into my bones after a long day often results in Chris not getting the best of my attention. And oh, how I love that man. He deserves the best.

I hope to keep working on staying present with Meredith. It is so easy to get distracted with household chores or even this blog, but I want to be more engaged with my little lady in the little moments of our day.

I hope to strengthen and deepen the new friendships I've made here, and afar.

I think that about covers it. If I can achieve most of these things I think it will be a successful year.


Kristin W said...

Good luck Claire! I think those are all great and easily achievable hopes for the new year :)

Malisa said...

Ooh, these are wonderfuls goals/resolutions! When you guys go to Tahoe, you are welcome to stop by our town or home for a little break. :-) Wonderful reminder about staying present.

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Great goals - I hear you about the buying clothes becuase they're on sale, rather than being the cutest...I do that all the time, I might copy you and add that to my list.

Cheers in 2012!

Mary Nevin said...

Great Goals!! I'm starting up the couch to 5K too!! Also, kudos do you for doing so wonderful with last years goals! that's quite inspiring to hear! Happy New Year!!

Jodi Ann said...

I love all your goals. I'm so so jealous of your ability to jog. haha! I literally die every time I try. But for the first time since having kids, I'm actually sticking to an exercise plan. whoohoo!

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