Wednesday, April 4, 2012




That when I see pictures of tiny newborns, instead of jealous, I just feel excited.

For the chatterbox Meredith is becoming. For the way she says "Hi, baby" to greet me, "rishe" (rice, her favorite food), "moushe" (mouse, for Mickey Mouse), "shoe-uh" and "Pooh-uh" (shoe and Pooh).

For the assistance Chris has given me with extra sleep in the morning and extra help with bedtime routines.

That I'm just barely, but pretty certainly, starting to feel this baby kicking inside of me.

That in one week we will know if we are having a boy or a girl. Sister or brother?? What will it be?

For the sunshine. For living in a place that we can pop outside, barefoot, on a moment's notice. For a little girl who was born to be in the outdoors.

For good books. In the past couple weeks I've read A Million Little Pieces and A Civil Action. I'm almost done with Marley & Me. I just love to read. It makes me happy.

For catching up with friends who I haven't talked to in way too long.

For tomato & mozzarella salad,  for baguettes with cheese, for big bowls of wheat chex, for lime popsicles, for airheads and sour straws, for fudge brownies.

That the spring cleaning bug (or nesting?) has struck me and pushed me to organize some desperately neglected areas in our home.

For our overall health. Yes, all three of us have been hit by a mack truck of seasonal allergies, but in general, we are healthy.

Sometimes it's just good to stop and reflect on what I'm thankful for. A certain toddler is keeping me super busy and this pregnancy is keeping me super tired and achy, so I find my time here on the blog limited. I miss this special place, but wanted to drop in so you know we're still living and breathing and doing a-ok.


colleen said...

I love this post. the everyday things that seem so natural are what we should be thankful for, and we forget that. love the fudge brownies and lime Popsicles and new baby kicks and sunny weather. and especially that picture of Meredith in the beach chair with a hat and shades. so classic.

Kate (This Place is Now a Home) said...

So glad to hear it! You have a lot to be thankful for :)

Adrienne said...

Hi friend. Can't wait to give you and baby#2 a big hug!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Lovely post! Excited for your family and your new baby!

Jodi Ann said...

I love this! I needed that reminder stop and hold up everything I'm grateful for. I'm so glad you guys are doing well!

Bridget said...

love this. as always. you and your thankful heart are keepers!

Rachael said...

I love sour straws too!

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