Friday, April 13, 2012


Thanks for all your sweet congratulations yesterday. We are so beyond thrilled to be having a boy. And really, I'm just happy to know and to get to refer to the baby as a "he" now. And let's be honest, I have a whole wardrobe to create, so that's pretty fun, too :)

Meredith is 21 months old now. We're getting glimpses of those challenging toddler moments more and more frequently, but we're also getting to see her unique personality, language development and adorably strong feelings about certain activities (play outside!). Here's a glimpse at some fun moments over the past week or two.


colleen said...

oooo she is cute. I like the one of her splayed out on the floor with the iPhone.

Anna {dear friend} said...

I seriously love her hair. She's the cutest!!

And are those necklaces ones she dressed you up in? Fancy pants!!

Adrienne said...

oh my - the expressions!!!

Imogene McAnulty said...

I am so thrilled that we are going to have a great grand son soon. We are blessed! I loved the photos of your toddler. She is adorable. Tell her that mom and papa send her a kiss with a lot of love. We love you and Chris.

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