Monday, November 19, 2012

a day off.

Last week, after a busy few days following our trip to Texas, I declared a day off. Now, how exactly does a stay at home mom take the day off? It mostly looks the same as any other day. Emotionally, though, it's different. No guilt over screen time. No pressure to get dressed, be on a schedule or accomplish anything. Of course the irony of that is Meredith had less screen time and I accomplished more around the house than on a normal day.

But it was a great day. PJs, hot chocolate, Cars, cuddles and baking.


Adrienne said...

Gotta love a cuddle filled day off!

colleen said...

that's what i do on my day off, too!! except for the cars. i usually don't watch cars.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day!! We watched Cars recently, and the girls loved it. We even checked out Cars 2 from the library. Bummer that people don't take care of the DVDs though because some parts of the disc was so scratched up that the parts were skipped or got stuck. :( Anyhow, here's to more days off. :)

Valerie Meek said...

So precious! Love it!

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