Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving.

This year we won't be traveling for the holidays. Not for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We won't be with extended family for either holiday. Part of me is sad about this. Another part of me, a bigger part, is happy.

Happy to avoid the chaos and cost of holiday travel, yes, but more, I am excited to begin our own traditions. I am excited to take the traditions passed down to us and meld them into something that is our own. We will watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and make the foods I grew up eating. But instead of my parents' dressing, we'll make Chris's parents'. We'll add corn to the table. We'll savor the pies I've watched my own mom make countless times, but with my own spin- a braided crust and lattice top. And instead of being surrounded by our own parents and siblings, we'll be surrounded by each other, our two babies and new friends.

I love Thanksgiving. I love the extra emphasis on gratitude, for there is always much to be thankful for. I love spending time baking. I love all the food that you only eat a couple times a year.  And for us, I love this chance to make it ours. I have such fond memories of Thanksgiving growing up. Watching the parade and then watching The Miracle on 34th Street after. Observing my parents work their magic in the kitchen. Seeing my parents open their home to friends- other people who, for whatever reason, weren't spending the day with family. I remember some quirky yearly attendees- weird, but it wasn't Thanksgiving without them. I remember loving the chance to have a day off, in the middle of the week, to spend extra time with my siblings.

Having chance to create the same for my children is such a blessing. Today I baked pies all day and encouraged Meredith to help. I was so excited for her to be a part of such a happy tradition. As I cut the extra dough from the first pie, I got so excited to make her the same treat my mom made for us.

Of course, she thought it was disgusting and didn't understand what all my fuss was about, but we've started.
    We've started making memories surrounding special days. Hopefully one day, she'll look forward to a day of baking with mom and the next day filled with food and friends. And hopefully one day after that, she'll look forward to days of baking with her children and opening her own home to friends (and maybe her ol' mom and dad).

It's fun to think about all that- what the future might hold for this little family of mine, but today and tomorrow I am focusing on what I am thankful for. This cup of mine is filled to overflowing- from the smallest of details to the biggest of gifts. I am blessed.

So wherever you are this year- enjoying an age old tradition, or beginning a new one, spending time with family, old friends or new- I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

And just because he's cute:


Adrienne said...

Enjoy your day! Such a special joy to have this time together. Great Mere pics!!

jodi said...

Awesome photos - you do have the cutest kids! I love starting traditions of our own while weaving little bits of our parent's traditions into it too. I hope you guys have the best Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I love this! Happy Thanksgiving!

Joe said...

literally laughed out loud at meredith's face! she is just so awesome.

love you and i hope the day has been great!

Kristin W said...

I think my favorite part about being married is making our own holiday traditions. While we don't have kids & are still sort of "flexible," our traditions vary. Sadly, the traditions I grew up with have faded away, but now we still have our little family to make our own. Definitely hold these moments & traditions close to your heart!

Imogene McAnulty said...

I love your blogs and happy that you share these with us. I also love the photos. The kids are so wonderful and remind me of you at these ages. You were a doll and still are. Give my love to Chris and the kids.
I leave Tuesday for Bucharest, so, remember your mom in prayer. I love you, Claire, always have and always will.

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