Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend

Phew! We had quite a weekend.

There was just something about hosting our first Thanksgiving, making (and carving!) our first turkey that really made me feel grown up. Having two kids and taking them on little adventures also has that effect on me.

This weekend was the perfect balance of laying low and getting out to explore. We set up the Christmas tree and enjoyed some TV. We ate out and ate leftovers. We found a new hiking spot. We trekked up to San Francisco. Mostly, we just enjoyed being together.


colleen said...

love all these sweet pictures claire - congrats on hosting thanksgiving! i can imagine how much work it is.

Anna {dear friend} said...

It all sound so nice. SO glad you are happy and enjoying the holidays!

Love to you and that sweet family of yours. :)

joyceandnorm said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Here's to a great Christmas season as well! :)

jodi said...

Sounds like a fabulous Thanksgiving! I think this year was the first year we made and carved our own turkey too. I love all your sweet!

maria said...

Sometimes it's really good to start your own little family traditions hey? Sounds like you had a great thanksgiving!
Love your little family!

xoxo Maria

Kristin W said...

Sweet pictures! I'm so loving the way you guys spent your Thanksgiving in your new home :) Such special memories!

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