Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kindergarten gifting

Today we completed our parent gifts in Kindergarten. I have to say they are easily one of the cutest things I've done with my kids. The idea was not mine and I was a bit nervous about how they'd turn out. I think the parents will love them.
What do you think?

Tomorrow is going to be a half-day because of the snow storm coming in. I am grateful for a snow day and I am grateful for snow. I love snow, particularly the first few big storms. I love being warm inside watching it fall, I love bundling up and going on treks through fluffy snow, I love the quiet stillness that settles. I am very excited to get home, get in PJs and watch it fall over a mug of hot cocoa :)

Tonight I got to have coffee with an "old" friend. "Old" friend is pushing it, because we haven't been friends for that long. She was a very good friend at a very specific time in my life, so in that way I consider her an old friend. She told me all about the beginnings of a romantic relationship. It was so exciting to hear about her letting herself fall in love with someone she has been quite taken with for a while. She insists they can't possibly be good for each other, but every time she talks about him I become more convinced they will make it work. I love beginning love; it gives me butterflies. It can be so awkward, yet so exciting. It can be full of risks, but also insecurities. Beginning love is fresh and observant. It is both shy and bold, and certainly full of hope. I am so excited for my friend. Beginning love is fun and joyful. I rooting for this love to last.

Sorry for the randomness of the post. A lot of thoughts today.

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