Monday, December 22, 2008

Newport Getaway

Chris and I are in Newport for a few days. We have all of today and some of tomorrow left. It has been an amazing getaway. We got in Saturday night after driving through some snowy patches, though nothing as bad as if we waiting until Sunday. When we arrived at the Hotel Viking, we checked-in and were upgraded to a bi-level suite. It is so nice! We have a loft-like bedroom area with a spiral staircase down to a nice living area. We have two plasma TVs, 1.5 baths and a very comfy bed! After checking out our room, we walked down to Thames St and got dinner at the Brick Alley Pub. We both got burgers and shared Portobello Mushroom fries. It was a yummy meal. After dinner, we just headed back to the hotel. It had gotten a lot colder over dinner.

Sunday morning we woke up, curious what the weather would be like. It was snowing and looked quite soggy out. But, we decided to brave the weather- not knowing how much braveness that would entail. As soon as we stepped foot outside the hotel, we could tell it was worse than expected. The poor doorman was soaked head-to-toe (where is your hat, sir?!). We had seen a breakfast place on one of those handy maps so we headed the opposite direction of the night before. The sidewalks were treacherous! Inches of snow/water/ice. Fortunately we had good winter boots on, so we weren't really cold, just wet. The breakfast place wasn't too far away and we got there quickly, albeit soaked.

We ate at Annie's. The entire ceiling was covered in glass Christmas ornaments or varying shapes and colors. It was a little crazy, but cool. They were having a contest to see who could guess the right number. The food was delicious. I had a ham, broccoli and cheese omelet; seemingly simple, but amazingly yummy. They also brought us a bread basket with coffee bread, and huge, fluffy sweet break toasted.

After breakfast at Annie's, we journeyed toward downtown. It was SO wet and SO cold. I was trying to have a good attitude since we went there knowing the weather wasn't ideal. We did our best, but by the time we got downtown, we headed back to the hotel. Our coats were getting soaked through and I had managed to get ice in my snow boots.

We got back to our room and cuddled on the couch while watching TV (a treat, since we don't have cable!).

**I started this post in Newport; finished it back home in Boston. The rest of the trip will be told through photo.

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