Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kindergarten goes shopping.

Today was a rough one. I am fried and so ready to be away from my children for 16 glorious days. One of our lovely parents decided the children have the chance to go "Christmas Shopping" and today was the day. We've been collecting odds & ends (ie. JUNK) for the kids to shop through. I have to say my children were adorable, thoughtful and completely random, all at the same time. We discussed lists of who to shop for and headed in. In was a free-for-all. One mother accurately described it as akin to a Filene's Basement bridal run.
One of my little girls quickly snatched up three gaudy necklaces- one for Momma, one for Nanna, one for Daddy. I wasn't quite sure how to tell her Daddy might not appreciate the necklace the same way Mommy would. Oh well.
One of my little guys stood, deer in headlights, so overwhelmed by the selection. He finally selected to toy cars for his sisters and a fun in the kitchen book for dad. excellent selections, little dude. He was devastated he couldn't buy something for himself.
My favorite, and most heart-warming, story of the day was one of my little guys who got a doll for his sister. He had been eyeing the doll for a few days and had mentioned it throughout the day. He was really hoping to get it for his sister and honestly, i was rooting for him. He is very shy and not very expressive. The fact that he was so excited about this doll was a big deal. As soon as we walked in to the "store" some moms called him over and they had saved it for him! It was so sweet and he was SO proud of his purchase. I am so happy for him to have a gift to be proud of.

So, I suppose, even with mash for brains, the cuteness of my darlings will get me through these next two days.

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