Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I love being a teacher. Right now, three days before Christmas Break, I love being a teacher but am feeling grateful for a break. I am looking forward to not hearing, "Teacher, teacher, teacher" over and over. I am looking forward to not hearing, "I'm done, I'm done, I'm done" over and over. I am looking forward to not having to negotiate fights between five year old girls. I am looking forward to sleeping past 5:45 and having the chance to enjoy some daylight hours.

But, as much as I am looking forward to those things, I really do love my nine little kiddies. They are so sweet and the more I post, the more you will get to know them. Each one is very special and very sweet. This is a class that has spoiled me- with their quiet moments, endless supply of hugs and kisses, love for crafts and coloring and excitement for each day. I want to better savor each moment with them because this class is so unique.

I suppose each class is unique because no two children are the same, so how can any two classes be the same? Its just hard for me to imagine having a class as easy as this one. They have helped to make my job, and each day, easier and more manageable. They engage really well with whatever activity we do. They tend not to rush through assignments, but instead enjoy taking their time and doing their best. In some ways they are very young, but in this way they are quite mature.

So, this week as I await with eager expectation Christmas Vacation, I am trying also to remind myself of how grateful I am for each of one my students this year and for my class as a whole.

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