Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Done traveling!

So, my summer traveling is all done. My absence has been due to a visit to the happening town of Abilene, Texas where my parents just moved. I had a fantastic trip. It was great to see my parents house, my dad's new job and the town they now call home. I'm glad I'll be able to picture them as they talk about things they do.

I expected my trip to be pretty mellow because they kept saying how small Abilene is. I was surprised, though, by how much there was. I'm sure it gets old quick, but it made for a great visit. I got a tour of ACU's campus and the town as a whole. We also went to a museum about the Texas frontier as well as a children's illustrated literature museum. I enjoyed barbeque brisket, fried chicken, steak from a working ranch and sweet tea. We also took nightly walks around the campus.

So, overall, I loved Texas. I feel I owe Texa(n)s at apology. Chris and I had a bad experience on our honeymoon with loud, rude and obnoxious Texans, but this past week was great. People are friendly and warm, the skies are endlessly expansive and beautiful and the pace of life is a bit slower.

I'm sad to be back and even more sad that I might not see my parents until Christmas, but I"m really glad I got to go.


Raine said...

Welcome back!

Carrie said...

Glad you had a good trip! :) And what a lovley sunset!

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