Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy, Busy.

I have been gone too long from this here blog! Sorry :( My little stinkers are zapping me of energy. I think they are getting the swing of things, but we've still got a ways to go until my throat doesnt hurt and my eyes dont burn with fatigue at the end of each day.

Today we did one of my favorite projects. We start the year studying our fives senses. Today we talked about the sense of smell. We got to talk about smells we like (roses, grapefuit, watermelon to name a few) as well as smells we don't like (dog's poop, pee and garbage- lovely).

Then, we made smell-y playdough. A kindergartner's ability to be easily amazed is amazing. We mixed up the flour, oil, salt, water and cream of tartar and as we added a few drops of green food coloring, you would've thought i'd performed a miracle. They all cheered, "AWESOME!!!!" Once the playdough was warmed through, I added a few scents (banana, peppermint and rose). The children have to guess the scent. It's super fun and this class was my first to only guess the peppermint correctly. For banana, they guessed bubble gum, trash (seriously!? trash!? i wouldn't do that to you) and an assortment of other completely off-base items. The kids each get to take a piece of smell-y playdough. It's quite fun (and messy). I am now home, tired, from all the energy it took to calm them down.


Raine said...

OOO I want to make smelly play doh! Ryder maybe too young to appreciate it though.....

Carrie said...

I think I'd be amazed by smelly playdoh. ;) Kudos for a great idea!

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