Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tanglewood and James Taylor!

Sunday we headed out to Tanglewood for our first experience there. Man, was it an experience. I have never been to such a chill concert. We arrived a couple hours early, set up a prime spot and picnic-ed in the hot sun. We had a simple picnic of sandwiches, potato salad and chips. But, boy, Tanglewood picnic-ers don't mess around. Bottles of wine flowed, brie, crackers and all sorts of fancy pasta & veggie salads abounded. We will certainly have to bring our a-game next year :)

While we waited for the show to start, Chris had a lot of fun setting up blockades for fellow lawn seaters. Poor people just trying to get to the bathroom were constantly thwarted by my hubby.

The concert started with John Williams (!!!) conducting Harry Potter songs and Star Wars songs. So amazing.

After a brief intermission James Taylor came on and played a fantasti set including, Carolina on my Mind, Shower the People You Love with Love, Fire and Rain, Copperline and many others. He left for his encore came back and then announced that because some people were stuck in traffic he was going to play longer to make up for the songs they missed. Such a treat.

Tanglewood is a trip I now want to make every summer. If you've never been and are in the area, its a MUST.

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Sounds like a mad chill afternoon

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