Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fun Newport Memories

The weather was freeeeeeezing on Monday. Chris thought making me into an egghead while we waited for the bus (FOREVER!) would be a good plan. It was quite warm in there :)

On Monday, we did the Mansion tours. We saw the Breakers, the Marble House and the Elms. This is us at the Breakers. It was gorgeous. I cannot imagine living in a mansion like that. They were exquisite, down to every last detail. I enjoyed the tours much more than I thought I would. It felt like living in the Great Gatsby!

This is my favorite picture of us from the trip. I like our color coordination. It was such a wonderful trip. It set the entire Christmas break off on the right foot. It was another lesson in relaxation for us. We rarely just relax when we're together, so that was my favorite part of the trip- doing nothing.

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