Monday, February 9, 2009


I, along with my favorite co-worker, filled the school with smoke today. The fire alarm went off and the entire school had to be evacuated. All of this because we wanted to bake delicious funfetti cookies with our little darlings.

Its totally not our fault, though. The pans we used were crappy and I'm convinced there was some leftover residue from a previous cooking project that was set ablaze.

I do feel bad, though. Three fire engines along with some other important looking cars filed into our parking lot, as we stood with our freezing, shivering little ones. "Oh, don't worry, just our smoky cookies. Nothing to be alarmed by..." So embarrassing.

Fortunately, the children did a great job getting out of teh building quickly (though sans coats) and we all went home at the end of the day safe and sound.

I love being a teacher.

(it wasn't this bad. here just for dramatic effect)

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