Sunday, February 1, 2009


I love the weekends. Chris and I have made an art of lazy weekends as of late. The first year and a half of our marriage we were busy, busy, busy on the weekends. We weren't doing anything important or necessary, but we were always on the go. On Saturdays, we would get up, go out for breakfast, go shopping, go out for lunch, maybe see a movie and then most likely, go out for dinner. Then, on Sundays, we'd go to church, have lunch probably at my parents and stay there for most of the day. We had loads of fun, spent plenty of money and were happy in general.

This winter, though, has seen the beginning of a new weekending era. We do NOTHING. When I say nothing I mean it. We might venture out for dinner with friends in the evening, but otherwise- nada. Take this weekend for instance. I will give you a peek into our world as long as you look with non-judging eyes.

Wake up, goodness knows when. (Actually, Chris got up early because he thought he had class- whoops!)
45 minute turbo clean- put away laundry, do a few dishes, etc.
Back in bed, perusing the internet, catching up on reading some blogs, etc.
Chris gets home, I'm still in bed.
I venture out of bed to get some breakfast (grapefruit and toast)
I watch a show on (private practice, love it)
Go out to the grocery store and get a few things
Put away groceries, have some lunch with Chris (he made tuna melts, yum) and bake my giant cupcake in preparation for evening plans.
He goes to watch a show, while I get back in bed to read (Storyville, USA- a book about a roadtrip to towns with names that suggest a story)
Chris comes in and out to check in
I eventually fall asleep (fighting a cold; i'm wooooorth it, ok?)
Wake up and realize i have about .25 seconds to ice my cake, shower and get going for dinner party.
Manage to ice cupcake, shower and get going in time (only a few minutes late...)
Arrive at a friend's house for fun dinner party where we stay until about 11, i think.

Today is a little more eventful with plans to see a movie with my mom, church at 4 and then Superbowl parties (could I care any less? no.)

But, as you can see, we have perfected lazy. And while I admit it is lazy and we aren't the most productive, it also is so good for our marriage and so good for our souls :) Instead of running around like crazy, we enjoy each others company, take time for more cuddling and talking. We also are spending a lot less and finally saving a good amount. It has helped me enjoy marriage and enjoy life a lot more. Instead of feeling tired from the weekend, I can start my work week feeling rest.

So, to all you busybees out there, give lazy Saturdays a try!

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