Friday, February 20, 2009

New York

I am back from three wonderful days in New York City with my mama. It was such a fun trip. Some highlights:

1) A just me-and-mom trip. This was our first time going away just the two of us and it was so much fun. We get along very well and had a great time taking our time while taking in the city.

2) Serendipity- a delicious sandwich and even more delicious frrrrozen hot chocolate. Seriously, to die for. I've had them in the past, but I had majorly forgotten how good they were.

3) Wicked. Such a good show!! I really enjoyed it and am now wanting to watch Wizard of Oz knowing this "other side of the story." My favorite scene was when Elphaba first flies, right before the Intermission.

4) The View- my mom and I were able to get into the taping on standby. It was an awesome experience. I don't really watch the View, but it was cool to see a bit of the making of a TV show. I also love people watching at these sorts of events. God created some strange birds. My observations: the set and table are much smaller than the appear of TV, the ladies of the View are not very warm and fuzzy, but they aren't rude, some people in the world really want to be famous (ie. the strange birds in the audience).

5) Little Mermaid- very cute show. Similar to the movie, but very fun. Several of the scenes were very successful in feeling underwater. Ursula was awesome as were Flounder and Sebastian. I was disappointed by King Triton and in the scene where Ursula is destroyed. That scene was a bit anti-climactic. Overall, though, the show was very entertaining and fun.

6) Tavern on the Green. My mom and I had lunch there on our last day. I am sooo glad we did this. The restaurant itself is gorgeous- it has all these fun chandeliers and is completely decorated in pastels. Outside the restaurant you can see Central Park and some creatively sculpted shrubbery.

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